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The buzz-phrase for what we do is sentiment analysis, but what do we actually do? We crawl the web and identify relevant comments made by news media and by people in their blogs and micro-blogs (such as Twitter), in the comments they make about online videos, in discussion forums and, where publicly accessible, social networks. We use highly sophisticated techniques to identify and extract comments that are relevant to the question you asked and to classify them as being either positive, negative, neutral or balanced. i-sieve Technologies is able to discount references to your company that are irrelevant. For example, if we're measuring the reaction to an advertising campaign we might find and classify comments such as:

I love the music on the new XYZ ad. Anyone know what it is? This is relevant and positive.

The new XYZ ad is SO SEXIST! This is relevant and negative.

Hey guys, have u seen the chick in the new XYZ ad? She so looks like Sally! This is relevant and neutral.

Products on sale in the new store include ABC, DEF and XYZ. Although this mentions the product it's irrelevant to monitoring public reaction to the advertising.

What We Deliver

What We Deliver

One of the unique features of i-sieve is that we deliver the actual data (usually as a spreadsheet). We give you the comment itself, its address (URL) and other key data including a measure of its impact. This is what we call the Buzz Factor and is based on factors such as how many other people link to the comment and whether it triggers further reaction.

Once we've delivered the data to you, you're then free to analyse it yourself, check our findings and see any of the comments in their original context. Alongside the data we provide our own analysis and conclusions and, where requested, graphical representations of public sentiment as expressed online.