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i-sieve's technology can be used for a wide variety of different purposes besides sentiment analysis. For example it's also used in FilterX, our real-time dynamic content filter. FilterX uses i-sieve's advanced analysis technology to classify web content on the fly with no perceived delay for the end user.

Different Approach

Different Approach

The i-sieve approach is radically different from other filtering solutions, almost all of which rely on looking up a URL in a database. Such systems are too easily fooled by dynamic and user-generated content, often leading to entire popular websites being blocked or allowed where a more fine-grained approach is more appropriate.

FilterX does not operate with a database: instead, all filtering is done by carrying out an extremely rapid analysis of the actual text, image and video content in real time. The analysis is not affected by the URL, whether the content is professionally produced or is user-generated.

Tailor Made, Language & Culture Independent

Tailor Made, Language and Culture Independent

Filtering solution companies typically offer the ability to block or allow pre-defined categories of content. To be honest, pornography is easy to classify, especially if the text is written in English, but they will often struggle with other areas such as hate speech, particularly in languages other than English. FilterX is able to work effectively in any language, selecting any type of content.

This is because we use machine-learning techniques to literally teach FilterX to recognise whatever type of content you decide should be blocked or allowed. This means we're easily able to operate in a way that is sensitive to any culture or business paradigm in any part of the world.

Consumer Grade Solutions

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FilterX can be incorporated into consumer software or provided as a bolt on service in an ISP or corporate network. As you'd expect, we provide full installation and ongoing support. The first step is to contact us and define exactly what it is you want FilterX to do: what types of content should be allowed, what types do you want to be able to block. We can then begin to train the system to your exact requirements while planning the installation process.