POWDER Validator

Validate by URI

This tool provides reasonable validation for documents written in accordance with the POWDER specifications available from the Working Group homepage.

The intention is to publish the source code which is available now on request.

The validator's ability to transform a POWDER document into POWDER-BASE is also available as a separate tool at http://i-sieve.com/cgi-bin/pdr_to_base.cgi. It takes the following parameters (by HTTP GET or POST):


The URI of a POWDER document to be validated and transformed


The content of a POWDER document

The tool returns either a POWDER-BASE document (if it is valid) or an error message as RDF/XML. In the latter case, the same error code scheme is used as for a POWDER Processor, i.e. 1xx means there's an error in the data, 2xx means there's an error in the processor.

This POWDER to POWDER-BASE transformation script needs more testing but is essentially complete.

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Phil Archer, 23 July 2009
on behalf of i-sieve Technologies